MPP & Trienekens Educate Recycling at SK Siburan Batu for Third Year

KUCHING: SK Siburan Batu recently concluded the 3rd year of its solid waste segregation and recycling programme with a prize presentation session organised jointly with the Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) and Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd. The programme’s objectives were to introduce the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) concept and inculcate the habit and practice of separating solid waste at source amongst the primary school students.

MPP and Trienekens representatives taking a group photograph with the teachers and students

MPP Municipal Secretary represented by its Public Health Officer, Segar Kallang said improving public awareness on solid waste management issues has always been one of the Council’s top agenda. “The responsibility of keeping the environment clean and healthy is a community effort,” said Segar. “None of the awareness or community programmes would be successful without the full cooperation from all parties. As a community, we have to continue working together to improve the situation and one of the ways is to start managing and recycling our wastes properly. In this case, the Council will continue to work closely with the schools under its jurisdication.

Trienekens’ Department Manager for KIWMP Maintenance, Christo Michael, who spoke at the event said the programme was successful due to commitment by the school. Besides, several other environmental education activities were also organized and allowed the recycling programme to develop and become an integral learning component of the school’s environment.

“Each of the teachers and students have played a significant role in making a difference in the way they manage their waste. So far, we have received very encouraging feedbacks from teachers about the positive change in behaviours of  the students. We hope that the programme can continue to create greater awareness and improve recycling practices in the school,” Christo added.

This year, the school successfully separated and recycled 2500kg of solid waste. In addition to the inter-class recycling competition, the students also took part in other environment-themed educational activities such as awareness talks, colouring competition and poster drawing competition. All contest winners took home exciting prizes.

Also present at the event were SK Siburan Batu Headmaster Vinu ak Batu; Senior Assistant (Students’ Affairs), Ilbaes ak Edem; Trienekens’ Department Manager (CSR) Janet J. Balong and Corporate Communication Executive, Anthea Lee; and MPP Public Health Officer Fam Sui Seng.