Green Synergy

Earth Hour
In conjunction with Earth Day, let’s power down to power up for the planet. Switch off those lights and ignite change. Over 410,000 hours were dedicated to our earth last year by supporters across 190 countries and territories. Let’s extend the #BiggestHourForEarth this year and go beyond the hour! Adopt …
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World Water Day
Let’s pledge to cherish and protect Earth’s most precious resource – water. Conserve our water, protect our natural resources. Together, every small action will bring great impacts for generations to come. #WorldWaterDay #WaterForPeace #TrienekensProtectsGroundwater #SDG6 Click here to watch the full video.

Global Recycling Day
Embrace the power of recycling and protect our precious planet Earth! At #Trienekens, we’re dedicated to building a sustainable future by providing smart and efficient waste management solutions while advocating responsible consumption. Together, we can each play a part in creating a community of environmental protectors by making small changes …
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International Women’s Day
The International Women’s Day theme, #InspireInclusion, celebrates the valuable contributions of women from all walks of life. Empower. Elevate. Inspire. Happy International Women’s Day! 🌍♻️ Click here to watch the full video.  

Sustainable Living
Choosing sustainability isn’t just about saving the planet; it’s about safeguarding our future. Embrace conscious living, make eco-friendly choices, and pave the way for a more sustainable, cleaner, healthier planet and happier humanity. Let’s make small changes by making the right sustainable choices – “Old Way” vs. “New Way”. Click …
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