Trienekens Runs Recycling Programme with Lodge International School

RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS…Students and teachers of Lodge International School taking a picture with Trienekens’ COO, Alice Lee (seated middle), school Principal, Matthew Wee(seated 3rd left) and Pansar’s General Manager, David Tai (2nd left) along with the ‘Conservation Day’ committee.

Kuching – Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd. recently launched its first recycling programme with Lodge International School in conjunction with the school’s annual ‘Conservation Day’ event. The event was carried out to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation among its primary and secondary level students.

In her speech, Trienekens’ Chief Operating Officer (COO) Alice Lee, congratulated the teachers and students of Lodge International for making the proactive step towards better management of solid waste through recycling and conserving the earth’s precious natural resources.

“We believe that early introduction to environmental education, particularly related to proper management and segregation of solid waste, is essential in nurturing and shaping the attitudes and behaviors of our younger generation into becoming environmentally responsible adults,” said Lee.

The event was also supported and funded by Pansar Company Sdn. Bhd. who was represented by its General Manager, Business Division, David Tai. The company stressed the importance of ensuring a sustainable use of the earth’s natural resources as it can only provide so much for the ever growing population.

“One third of our wastes mostly constitute of food waste while four billion trees are cut to produce paper. We need to start changing our mindset so that we can become environmentally responsible citizens. I am happy that Lodge International and Trienekens are working together in this programme as it will bring about great and positive impacts for our environment,” said Tai.

Several activities such as exhibition booths, environmentally-themed games and contests including talks by Trienekens and Worming Up were organized in line with the ‘Conservation Day’ celebration. The students took part in the Amazing Green Race, Old Tyre Upcycling Contest, Conservation Essay Writing Contest, Best Decorative Bin Competition and an Inter-Class Most Collection Recyclable Contest. Winners took home hamper prizes and trophies.

Present at the event as well were Lodge’s Director, Thomas Huo and Principal Matthew Wee.