International Day Of Awareness Of Food Loss And Waste

September 29 is International Day Of Awareness Of Food Loss And Waste, let’s join the rest of the world and ✋ Stop Food Waste for the people and the planet 🌍!

Food loss and wastage has been one of the concerning issues in today’s world, which accounts for 8-10 percent of the total global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) – contributing to climate change and drastic weather occurrences such as drought and flooding; leading to decline in crop yields as well as the nutritional quality of crops, causing disruptions in supply chains, threatening food security, food safety and nutrition.

What can you do to prevent food wastage?
• Schedule a weekly “Use-It-Up Meal” to make the most of leftover ingredients.
• Write a shopping list and avoid bulk promotions.
• Grow your own fruits and vegetables so you can enjoy them extra fresh!
• Measure portion sizes for rice and pasta.
• Compost any remaining food waste and inedible parts.