Households To Bring Damaged Bin To Trienekens For Repair Or Exchange

KUCHING: Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd, as the operator of municipal waste collection services under the jurisdictions of Kuching South City Council (MBKS), Kuching North City Hall (DBKU), Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) and certain areas under Serian District Council (MDS); is reminding households who wish to repair or exchange their damaged or broken garbage bin, to call Trienekens’ hotline at 082-612300 during office hours for detailed instructions and advice. In general, these residents will be informed to bring their bin along with the necessary documents (NRIC and utility or assessment bills) to the company’s head office at Jalan Sungai Tapang for further action.

Senior Manager of Logistics & Services, Sarius Lee explained, “For houses with damaged bins, our operations staff will leave notification leaflets advising the household to call Trienekens’ hotline for further instructions and advice. Those who wish to exchange their bin must bring/transport their damaged bin to Trienekens’ head office and depot at Jalan Sungai Tapang. Each bin has a serial number, which will verify the registered bin owner and corresponding home address. Trienekens will confirm the bin belongs to the household before the bin may be repaired or replaced, as bin exchanges may only be made by residents of the address registered to the bin’s serial number.”

Household residents are reminded that all wheel bins (including replacement bins) provided for households under the jurisdictions of MBKS, DBKU, MPP and certain areas under MDS are the property of Trienekens and the removal of these bins from its registered address is not permitted.

For stolen bins, users are required to report the loss at the nearest police station (if possible, include the bin’s serial number). A replacement bin shall be provided upon submission of the original copy of the police report, valid utility or assessment bill, copy of NRIC and payment of applicable charges. Meanwhile, those moving into a new or second hand property which does not already have a garbage bin on site should contact Trienekens for advice.

Households are also reminded to ensure their bins are accessible on collection day. Bins kept inside the compound of a premise or in an inaccessible location will not be emptied. To prevent theft or vandalism, residents should retrieve their bin and place it back inside the compound of their house after each collection.

For more information, call Trienekens’ hotline at 082-612300 or email customercare@trienekens.com.my