Secure Landfill (For Scheduled Waste)

The Secure Landfill, designed and constructed to the highest standards caters to the disposal of scheduled and hazardous waste.

Waste not suitable for incineration and the ashes from the Scheduled Waste Incineration Facility are deposited in the Secure Landfill.

Here, a double-liner system has been constructed for maximum safety while the facility itself sits on solid rock as a geological barrier.

Most stringent operating procedures and covering of the waste with impermeable material ensures that this landfill does not have any adverse impacts on the environment or on the people working at the facility.

Leachate from the Secure Landfill is pre-treated in a chemical treatment stage where heavy metals are removed, before the pre-treated leachate undergoes the same extensive treatment as the leachate wastewater from the Sanitary Landfill.