Stop Illegal Dumping, DBKU and Trienekens Tell Public

KUCHING: Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd and Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) are urging the public to refrain from dumping their waste indiscriminately as the problem is becoming prevalent especially at the city’s outskirt areas. Both agencies recently carried out a joint site inspection at several illegal dumping spots found near the Loba Kora Bridge at Jalan Baru Matang/Santubong/Jalan Akses FOC, Kuching.

According to Trienekens’ Senior Manager of Logistics and Services, Sarius Lee, “These unsightly spots are turning into a potential health hazard to those living in the area. We would like to seek the cooperation of nearby residents to manage and throw their waste responsibly without polluting the environment and their living space. If they have excessive or bulky wastes to dispose of, especially for small traders, the waste can be disposed of at the nearest designated bin centres. For those who have renovation waste, larger size containers such as the RoRo containers are also available for rent. This way, waste can be disposed of in a cleaner and safer manner. Residents can call Trienekens (082-612300) to find out more about these additional bin services.”

Illegal dumping is a serious issue affecting the general health of the surrounding community. As new commercial and residential areas expand and develop, the volume of waste generated also increases in tandem with the growth. Both DBKU and Trienekens face a tough challenge ahead in creating awareness and educating the public on the best practices of managing their waste but both parties are confident that the situation can improve for the better with public support and cooperation.

Lee said that while the company makes every effort to deliver efficient services to all areas in the city, it will continue to work with DBKU to minimise the problem of illegal dumping through a combination of enforcement, awareness and education efforts.

We greatly encourage residents and business owners or other individuals to play a positive role in this matter as well. While we have the proper facilities to manage our waste, we also need public cooperation to assist us by not dumping indiscriminately or illegally. We need to think of our health and start protecting our environment,” concluded Lee.