Illegal Dumping Raises Public Health Risks

ROADSIDE DUMP…Cr. Lo (left) and Lee (2nd left) inspecting one of the illegal dumping spots along Jalan Kpg Sungai Tengah off Sejijak, accompanied by Trienekens Junior Supervisor, Atkinson William. The site is littered with bulky wastes left by irresponsible individuals creating nuisance and eyesore.

KUCHING: In a joint effort to eradicate the city’s illegal dumping problems, Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) and Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd. are reminding the public to stop dumping their waste illegally at random and obscure locations as the habit may lead to the outbreak of dangerous diseases that could harm the well-being of the surrounding residents.

According to MPP Chairman, YB Cr. Lo Khere Chiang, such spots are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes, rats or other pests. Therefore, creating possible health risks such as dengue, leptospirosis or other related diseases to those living in the nearby area.

“Before anything bad happens, we must stop this habit and start thinking about the general health of our community and environment. We must take great care our well-being and surroundings by discarding our rubbish into the bins or other related disposal facilities provided,” said Cr. Lo.

“We find that some irresponsible members of the public prefer to leave their bulky waste by the roadside expecting someone will clear the waste for them. These mounts of waste soon become an illegal dumping spot, creating nuisance and eyesore.”

Cr. Lo along with Trienekens’ Senior Manager for Logistics and Services, Sarius Lee earlier on inspected several illegal spots located at Jalan Dogan and Jalan Kpg Tengah Sungai off Jalan Sejijak in Matang area. These two spots have recently been a ‘popular’ target for illegal dumpers due to its inconspicuous location.

According to Sarius Lee, Trienekens is working closely with the local councils to create awareness about the dangers of illegal dumping. “It may seem like an easy and convenient thing to do but the long term impacts on the environment and human health are detrimental.  The company provides safe and clean disposal options for those who need to get rid of their bulky waste,” explained Lee.

The most common waste being dumped at these locations are bulky and mixed waste such as old furniture, carton boxes, plastics, discarded food, scrap tyres, old appliances, construction debris, garden waste and others.

Illegal dumping is an offence under the Natural Resources Environment Board Ordinance and punishable by law and anyone found guilty of dumping waste illegal can be charged with the maximum penalty of RM20,000.00 under Section 30 (1) (a &b).

To highlight any illegal dumping in their area, residents are advised to call MPP at 082-615566 or Trienekens at 082-612300.